Four close friends earn RM60,000 from chili pepper venture

Image by NET.Z via Twitter

Four close friends who decided to venture into planting chili using a piece of land in Kampung Musa, Mukim Pedu in Malaysia may earn up to RM60,000 or roughly Php750,000.

According to Kampusuols, Mohd Safri Mahmud, 25, Mohd Amiludin Afiz Wahab, 26, Mohd Irfan Azri Anas, 25, and Mohd Shafiq Hakimi Nordin, 25, began their planting project October last year in a land area of about 0.3 hectares.

The friends invested some RM20,000 or roughly Php250,000 for the project using 4,000 chilies.

Safri disclosed that the idea started after he planted small chilies at the edge of his house with 1,800 trees due to high demand.

Thereafter, he told his friends about the potential and success of cultivating the crop.

His friends were convinced by its potential; making them leave their jobs as an auxiliary police, graphic designer, and factory worker to focus on planting chilies.

Image by NET.Z via Twitter

Safri said they are using the “fertigation method” because it saves them time and uses less space, as per World of Buzz.

They have estimated that every single plant would be able to produce two kilograms of chilies which can be sold for between RM7 and RM10 per kilogram. In fact, they are about to harvest their first batch in two weeks time. If they sell all their estimated eight tons to wholesalers, they could earn RM60,000.

Back in the Philippines, to note, as per Manila Coconuts, the country’s inflation crisis in 2018 led to some netizens bringing humor via sili memes because of its high price.

If chili has a high price in the market with a possible huge income for you, wouldn’t you try it, too?

Image by Heneral Luna Memes via Facebook