Duterte tells military: In case of mutiny, find bright, young leaders to run the government

President Rodrigo Duterte urged the military that in case of a mutiny, they should not choose politicians but the best youth leaders to run the government.

Image by PCCO via Facebook page

During a speech in Malacañang, the President addressed the military to choose better leaders if they stage a mutiny. He said that the problem with the government is that we keep on choosing politicians. Duterte instead advised that the “best” youth leaders should be given a chance to manage changes in the country.

Duterte said, “Frankly I told the military: ‘You want change? The problem with you guys. You go on a mutiny, rebellion. You do it, you time it during when there’s a disturbance in society–a political turmoil. Pag panalo n’yo, bigay ninyo sa kabila ng dinepose ninyo.”

Image by PCOO via Facebook page

The President said that he is even willing to be “dropped” as long as the military will choose the bright young leaders.

“[You are] wasting your time. The next time you do it, look for the best 10 to 15 na mautak na mga bata – mga undersecretary ‘yan, mga supervisors. Ihulog mo lahat politicians including me,” Duterte said.

Durte said the new leaders should be given the right support, protection and salary.

“Give it to [them], and assure them of protection. You do well, we will increase your salary by the year – P1 million,’” he added.

“Suportahan mo [sila]. Next time when you assemble anywhere, everywhere, think about it,” Duterte said.

On his side, the President said they should not include him since he is all ready for retirement. Duterte said, “Do not allow politicians, including me but I assure I won’t be around. I’ll go home, I am ripe for retirement.”