Carmina Villaroel: “No regrets” on marriage with ex-husband Rustom Padilla

Carmina Villaroel opened up on her feelings about her marriage with ex-husband Rustom Padilla. Despite Rustom coming out later as a transgender, Carmina said that she has no regrets.

During the presscon of GMA’S upcoming primetime series “Kara Mia”, Carmina shared that she has no ill feelings or regrets towards her past with Rustom.

Image by Carmina Viilaroel via Facebook page

When asked if she feels awkward when asked about Rustom, Carmina shared with Pep, “Wala naman, kasi that’s really my past, as much as gusto ko kalimutan or burahin.”

“I cannot, I cannot delete those chapters in my life,” Carmina clarified.

The actress also added that her past experiences have helped her become who she is now; saying, “And, kung ano ako ngayon and kung paano ako ngayon as a person, it’s because of my past. It’s because of my experiences before.”

“So, wala, wala, it’s part of my life already,” Carmina lightheartedly said.

When further prodded if she tried to remove Rustom from her life, Carmina said, “Hindi ko sinasabing na-erase, pero sobrang tagal na noon.”

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Carmina added that she would rather look at the good things in her life right now. She said, “I’m so young then, ang dami kong puwedeng isipin na magagandang bagay.”

“I don’t dwell on the past. Wala na, e, wala nang kailangang anuhin sa past,” the actress reiterated.

Meanwhile, Rustom had already “transitioned” to her life as “BB Gandanghari” in the USA.

Rustom aka BB earlier shared that she and Carmina already settled their differences and had their closure. BB said, “Mayro’n po, that was in 2005 kami nagkausap.”

Prior to “coming out” on national TV, BB admitted that she spoke with Carmina first.

Rustom and Carmina got married in 1994 but separated in 1997. Rustom “came out” as gay during his stint in ABS-CBN’S Pinoy Big Brother in 2006.

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