[Video] Legaspi Twins’ pre-18th birthday video wows people online

Once again, the Legaspis created social media buzz — this time, with Mavy and Cassy’s pre-18th birthday video.

On YouTube, NicePrint Channel uploaded the video of siblings Maverick Peter “Mavy” Legaspi and Maria Cassandra “Cassy” Legaspi’s pre-debut shoot.

Image via NicePrint Channel’s YouTube video

Many people noticed anew how Mavy and Cassy inherited the good looks of their celebrity parents Zoren Legaspi and Carmina Villarroel.

“They’ve got the genes,” SK said.

“Blessed with awesome genes,” DB commented.

“‘Gifted talaga ang genes nila both sides,” wrote SS.

To note, it’s not the first time when the twins amazed social media users. For several times, the Legaspi family — not just the twins — went viral for having good looks.

Meanwhile, others suddenly felt old; saying that it seems like it’s only yesterday when the twins were just small kids.

“Time goes so fast,” JS said.

“18? I feel so old!” DP wrote.

“They are turning 18? Parang kailan lang ‘yong Sweet 16 nila,” CB commented.

[They are turning 18? It seems like their Sweet 16 party was only recently.]

But most of all, it’s the theme of the pre-birthday shoot that got so much attention.

Image via NicePrint Channel’s YouTube video

The video, which has vampire series feels and background music Nothing’s Gonna Slow Me Down, matched the fierce poses of the twins.

One of the surprises in the video, as well, is the appearance of Zoren and Carmina before it ends. Most people online thought of the Filipino saying, “Noong nagsaboy ng kagandahan at kaguwapuhan ang Diyos, nasalo yata lahat ng pamilyang ‘to [When God showered the world with beauty, this family was able to catch everything].”

Image via NicePrint Channel’s YouTube video

Do you want to see the cool pre-birthday video of the twins? Check out this video and be amazed, as well!

Happy birthday, Mavy and Cassy!

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