Banker resigns, dresses up as Spider-Man on last day of work

The last day of work can be an emotional affair to some if one has spent too much time in an organization.

However, employees who are unsatisfied look forward to the final work shift with the hope that exit formalities and pleasantries can be completed in the least amount of time.

But for one bank employee working in Brazil, he made sure that his exit would not be remembered only as graceful but rather, memorable. He reportedly showed up on his last day of work dressed as Spiderman.

Image capture of video by ZOFA via YouTube channel

Yes, the friendly wall-crawler co-created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko!

Pictures and videos of the man posing on his work desk, interacting with his co-workers, and distributing stuff spread online and many were amused over the way he spent his last day at work.

It looks like not only the man himself was enjoying his last day, as others around him were entertained by his ‘looks’ as well.

People on social media have been left thoroughly entertained by the ex-banker Spider-Man and gave their own witty comments,

“Dress for the job you want not the job you have,” says oneuser.

“He got a new job as a web designer,” says another.

Truly an awesome exit at the end of that last day.