Nico Bolzico shares advice on dating a “strong, independent, career woman”

Nico Bolzico, the husband of Kapuso star Solenn Heussaff is proud that he is part of the “Bullied Husband Club”.

While Nico often lovingly makes fun of his wife Solenn on social media calling her “wifezilla”, he gives his utmost support to Solenn’s every endeavor. The tall, brawny Argentinian shared that he has no problems with the fact that his wife is earning more than him.

Image by Solenn Heussaff via Facebook page

Nico kids that he is even known as “Solenn’s husband” and loves it. He shared with Female Network, “Solenn, actually, is more successful than me. I’m happy about it. I encourage it.”

Nico shared a few advice for men who are interested in dating a driven, career-oriented independent woman. He started off by explaining that gone are the days when men are not equal to women, in terms of opportunities.

Nico said, “I think women should be treated the same as men — they have a career, they have opportunities, and I do believe men should respect that. And I think men should give freedom, because if the relationship is built on trust, there’s no reason to [keep tabs on] each other all the time and to know where you are all the time.”

Image by Solenn Heussaff via Facebook page

He added that supporting a woman to achieve her goals in life even benefits your relationship.

Nico explained, “It actually [makes] the relationship so much better because you learn so much from the other person, and the relationship is much more relaxed and you share so many things.”

Meanwhile, Solenn is very appreciative of her husband’s encouragement. She once shared how Nico doesn’t even know how much money she has and it doesn’t bother him one bit. Even when it comes to their personal savings, her husband doesn’t get in the way. Solenn said, “Pag travel ko, sa bank account ko, pag travel niya, sa bank account niya. Very modern!”