Mader Sitang declared “undesirable alien” in PH: Not a lawyer, did not donate to Yolanda victims

  • Mader Sitang is not a lawyer, she did not donate to Yolanda victims
  • Sitang was declared “undesirable alien” in the Philippines
  • She’s not famous in Thailand, too
Image capture from Fab Philippines’ FB photo

Remember Mader Sitang? She’s the person formerly dubbed by various news sources and online websites as the “supermodel transgender,” “human rights lawyer,” and “Thai Superstar.” Well, she’s not. In fact, she was recently declared an “undesirable alien” by the Bureau of Immigration.

Mader Sitang’s viral visit to the Philippines may have been credited to the many stories which spread on social media and on some large media saying that she’s a kind-hearted individual; thus bringing her to receive a warm welcome from the Filipino people.

During her stay in the country, as posted on Manila Flash, show producer Wilbert Tolentino helped promote her and even planned to establish a career for her in the Philippines.

Tolentino, thereafter, reportedly went to Thailand for the contract signing but it didn’t push through after he failed to give her the Php31.3-million contract price, and she didn’t want to sign.

After the failed contract and his claim of receiving an unfair treatment, Tolentino demanded to ban the Thai from going back to the country; disclosing that he found out Sitang is not a lawyer and she never donated to the Yolanda victims.

Image capture from Unofficial: Ituloy ang Pagbabago’s FB photo

The immigration bureau have, apparently, saw merits from his contests that is why Sitang was already declared an “undesirable alien” in the country.

“We are thankful at nakita ng Bureau of Immigration na credible ang aking reklamo. We value this official pronouncement of the Bureau of Immigration for it stands for the legitimacy of our grievances,” Tolentino said.

[We are thankful that Bureau of Immigration saw and found our claims credible. We value this official pronouncement from them for it stands for the legitimacy of our grievances.]

The claim that Sitang is famous in Thailand is fake too, as per PEP, as when they went there and asked about the transgender, nobody knows about her.