Kylie on grand wedding with Aljur: It had to measure up to the journey we took to get on that aisle

Celebrity couple Kylie Padilla and Aljur Abrenica’s forever has finally begun.

On Instagram, Kylie shared some of the highlights of their wedding. The setting of such a beautiful event appeared to be a venue of a wedding that seemingly took place in the Victorian era; filled with gold decors, red and white flowers, candle lights, among others.

“It had to measure up to the journey we both took to get on that aisle,” Kylie wrote.

“It is not happily ever after. It is the send off, the beginning of the real start of our lives together. I can’t wait,” she expressed further.

Prior to their wedding, Kylie posted a heartfelt message to Aljur; the father of her precious little child Alas.

“My most favorite thing to watch is you and Alas playing. It is like being in heaven when I hear both of you laugh together. You gave me the greatest gift,” she expressed.

The actress, who is known for her remarkable portrayal of Amihan’s role in Encantadia requel, said Aljur is the reason why she has faith in all the good things in life.

“I believe in God, I believe in all the good things in life because I have proof in front of me. Everyday, when I wake up, I know that you and Alas could not have come to me unless it was a miracle, a gift performed by a higher power,” she wrote.

And after all they have been through as a couple, after all the trials that she has surpassed as an individual, Kylie feels that God has always been by her side.

“Because of all the pain, sorrow and heart ache the world suffers today, it is you, that single blessing that makes me believe, God has not abandoned me. God has saved me time and time again, by giving me you,” she said.

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