“Abandon ship na po!” Anne Curtis posts heartbreaking frustration over “Aurora” float

“ABANDON SHIP NA PO! Hindi lang BARKONG AURORA ang lumubog…. PATI FLOAT!!!!!”

The star of “Aurora” Anne Curtis tweeted her frustration over their float’s ‘inability’ to join  the 2018 Metro Manila Film Festival Parade of Stars on Sunday, December 23. This after their float got stuck in the mud like the five other floats.

The 33-year-old also posted via Instagram her apology to all the fans who waited for them to join the MMFF Parade; saying in her post that their float failed to make it out of the mud after five hours of trying to pull it out. She also expressed it was heartbreaking as she had been so so excited to do the parade since her last time a decade ago.

“Yung feeling na hindi ka nakasakay sa float nyo. Sakit sa heart. We waited as long as we could. Specially since I was looking forward to returning to the MMFF parade after 10 years. Pasensya na po sa mga nagantay. Hindi lang talaga nakaahon sa putik in time ang float ng AURORA. Kaya we had to abandon the ship but we hope you don’t abandon the film. Sana po suportahan nyo pa rin ang pelikula namin. Showing na on December 25 @aurorathemovie”

Image by Anne Curtis via Instagram post

On Twitter, she tried to somehow lighten the mood by posting: “ABANDON SHIP NA PO! Di kinaya ang float ng AURORA ang putikan. We waited almost 5 hours in case magawan ng paraan. Pero di talaga. Heartbreaking, because I was so excited to do the parade after 10 years. Oh well. See you guys po sa ASEANA! On our way na with the whole cast!”

While the cast of “Jack Em Popoy” decided to leave their float and ride a truck instead to proceed to the parade, Curtis explained via another tweet that they “couldn’t do the actual route because my personal car would be unsafe as it’s not as big as the trucks & floats.” The whole cast of Aurora were left with no choice but to go straight to ASEANA which was the end point.

Image via Anne Curtis’ Twitter posts

The Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) 2018 Parade of Stars was met by a gloomy rainy weather on Sunday, December 23,  which led to a series of snags that delayed the parade consisting of 8 floats; one for every movie entry.

Luckier than most was the Fantastica float which kicked off the much-awaited parade despite having no stars on board for an hour due to traffic problems encountered by the cast. The floats of “The Girl in the Orange Dress” and “One Great Love” came out next. However, the other remaining floats remained stuck in the mud and attempts to pull the rest out continued; further delaying the parade.

Fans flocked along Dr. A. Santos Avenue to wait for the parade though, disregarding the rain showers and despite long gaps between floats — or trucks.

Meanwhile, Curtis would surely love to know you’re interested to see their movie, “Aurora”, in support of Philippine movies: