14-year-old boy touches hearts for feeding stray cats

A small act of kindness is always beautiful.

A 14-year-old boy, who was photographed while feeding stray cats along a bay, has been touching hearts online.

In the Facebook (FB) group I love cats, FB user Jason Bautista shared some photos of the beautiful scene that he witnessed.

“We saw this 14-year-old boy Julius, feeding stray cats at the bay area,” he wrote.

Image via Facebook group I love cats

Talking to the boy, Jason found out that Julius does this on a regular basis.

“He said he comes here twice daily, morning and afternoon,” Jason shared.

Julius has so much affection for cats. In fact, he takes care of 30 cats at home. Amazing dedication, right?

“Salute to Julius,” he expressed.

A lot of Facebook users were touched by the young cat lover.

“Real hero. Good job, boy. You have a very good heart,” SA commented.

“I pray for him: ‘When he is adult he will have a lot of money….He will build an animal shelter for the stray animal so they will have a better home,'” ZZ expressed.

“There’s a special place in heaven for you,” said LC.

The FB post has gotten thousands of reactions and shares, as of the article’s posting.

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