Wendy Valdez holds on to faith as 1-year-old son undergoes surgery

Wendy Valdez believes that it is her faith that keeps her going during her son’s medical journey.

One-year-old Seth is set to undergo a hip surgery and Wendy is keeping her hopes up. Seth has spina bifida; a “permanently disabling birth defect which happens when a baby is in the womb and the spinal column does not close all of the way,” according to the Spina Bifida Association. Seth has to wear braces to keep his hip bone aligned.

Image by Wendy Valdez via Instagram account

On Instagram, Wendy got emotional and asked for prayers for her son. Last August, Wendy revealed that they all got excited when the doctors said that Seth no longer needs to wear his hip braces the whole day. But after several months, their hopes dimmed a little when the couple found out that Seth’s hip was out again.

Wendy explained, “Apparently, when he kicks, it comes out. But when he is relaxed, it is in.”

Image by Wendy Valdez via Instagram accountai

The emotional mother shared her reflections of “long suffering” and “perseverance” and how she decided to turn to God for answers. Wendy said, “The answer to our prayer maybe a yes or a no. I have learned that while in this season of waiting… I can go on, and actually live in this moment. Not putting my all my hope on a yes, but IN CHRIST. Trusting Him that in this place, where nobody really likes being into, God is doing something. In my heart.. In the process.. And I get to know Him, and worhsip Him,” Wendy added.

Wendy explained her emotion when she found out Seth needed to undergo surgery at a very young age. She said, “Kung iyakin ako noon, mas iyakin siguro ako ngayon. Ang difference lang ngayon, Kay God na ko umiiyak, Hindi sa alak. I cried the day after I was told he needed operation. And maybe a series of them. Was told that a surgery is not a guarantee.”