Lucy Torres shares story why daughter Juliana never had a sibling

Lucy Torres-Gomez shared why Juliana remained to be their unica hija.

On Instagram, Lucy candidly shared a throwback photo of a young Juliana and a short story. She revealed that back when their daughter was young, they would pray together as they asked God for a sibling.

Image by Lucy Torres-Gomez via Instagram account

Lucy wrote, “When she was little, and we’d say our bedtime prayers together, I would ask her to help me pray for a baby brother or sister for her.”

The mother’s disappointment turned into amusement with Juliana’s reply, “She would listen intently, wide-eyed, nodding as if in agreement, then she would break into smile and say gently but firmly ‘Mama, dog na lang.’”

Image by Lucy Torres-Gomez via Instagram account

Lucy married Richard Gomez back in 1998. They were blessed with a beautiful daughter, Juliane in 2000. On Instagram, the couple would often make jokes of how they sometimes forget that their daughter is now 18. Lucy also shares beautiful stories on her Instagram; a peek into their small family.