KC Concepcion thanks French BF for inspiring her to be the “best version of myself”

KC Concepcion couldn’t help but gush over her French boyfriend Pierre Plassart.

On Instagram, KC beamed at how Pierre has inspired her to be the best version of herself. Posting a sweet photo of her and the love of her life, KC shared how she has found “unconditional love.”

Image by KC Concepcion via Instagram account

The actress wrote, “This guy has seen me through my best & through my worst & loves me just the same.”

“In a world full of shade, bashing & opinions, thank you for the unconditional love,” KC said.

KC added that when she finally achieves her fitspiration, she’ll credit Pierre for it.

The Megastar’s daughter also gave a short advice to girls who are trying to find their real love. KC said, “Don’t be with anyone who makes you feel ugly, fat or less than who you are.”

Image by Kc Concepcion via Instagram account

She continued, “To show them to mind their own business and you’ll know something they won’t. What it’s like to be happy from the inside & feel your best.

“You are beautiful and you’ll only get better and better,” KC advised.

Last week, KC shared that Pierre is in the Philippines to spend some quality bonding time with her friends and family. She even asked her followers what “pasalubong” would be best for Pierre to bring back home in France.

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