Isabelle Daza proud to let son wear second-hand clothes from friends

Isabelle Daza may be an IT Girl but even she knows it’s not wise to buy too much of baby clothes.

The first-time mom shared that while she enjoys shopping for her son Baltie, she also dresses him up in “hand-me downs.” Isabelle shared with Pep that Baltie wears clothes from Georgina Wilson’s son Archie, Liz Uy’s baby Xai and Bea Soriano’s son Braeden.

Image by Isabelle Daza via Facebook page

Isabelle said that since being a mother, her shopping priorities shifted. She said, “I definitely don’t buy so much clothes now. It’s more going into him.”

The new mom is lucky that her husband Adrien provides them with everything. Isabelle said, “When I wasn’t working, he was paying for everything. So, I was good. But I also want to contribute. I don’t want to put the pressure only on him.”

Image by Isabelle Daza via Instagram account

Isabelle also shared with ABS-CBN the struggles she encounters being a “Millennial Mom.”

Among those is how social media causes pressure to moms. She said, “I feel like right now, there’s so much pressure online, growing up with all this competition, and I find that parents are constantly comparing their child. I think we do it unconsciously.” She added that she deals with this by understanding that all babies have their own development stages and there’s no reason to make them feel to be like anyone else.