Heartwarming: Davao hotel opens OJT program for people with special needs

A hotel in Davao has been capturing hearts online for opening an on-the-job (OJT) training program for people with special needs.

On Facebook, GreenWindows Dormitel uploaded some photos of their new OJTs.

“Meet our OJTs as they experienced their first ever job training here at the hotel. #Love #Support #Advocate,” read the caption of the pictures.

Image via GreenWindows Dormitel’s Facebook page

A lot of social media users were touched by such a move which is, incidentally, an initiative of the hotel in partnership with the the Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines – Davao.

Pio Sto. Domingo, the GreenWindow’s Sales and Marketing Head, disclosed they have realized that “development comes with inclusion”; adding that people with down syndrome are welcoming. Hence, they felt the urge to provide opportunities for them to work by giving them trainings.”

On GreenWindow’s latest post, it is mentioned that today – Friday, November 16 – is the OJT’s graduation day.

Positive comments poured over their post; with many hoping that other companies would replicate the move.

“To the management, you deserve a very commendation to God and to other people. God bless!” said MG.

“Let’s empower them! Let them feel the essence of equality,” MC wrote.

“Thank you and may God bless you more,” SC expressed.

Image via GreenWindows Dormitel’s Facebook page

As of posting, the set of photos have already gotten over 10,000 shares and more than 12,000 reactions.

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