Former Super Sireyna who returned to being a man, now back to being a transwoman

Mark Estephen became viral last year as his story of “transformation” became controversial. From a former gay beauty queen, Sabel Gonzales went back to living his male life as Mark Estephen.

Image by Mark Estephen via Facebook page

Barely a year after, Mark Estephen is again going viral after photos of him partying and dressing up as a woman again spread like wildfire.

On Facebook, Anjeli Tanne shared photos of her birthday party. Still sporting a short hair, Mark Estephen was seen wearing make-up and a skimpy black dress.

Image by Anjeli Tanne via Facebook page

Netizens couldn’t help but ask, did he go back to his transgender life?

Mark Estephen earlier claimed that it was his faith and belief in God that made him leave the transgender life. He said that God changed him.

Image by Anjeli Tanne via Facebook page

Now a devout Christian, Mark admitted that “it’s not easy what I am going through but I still have hope in our Lord Jesus Christ that I will be transformed inside and out in His right time.”

Mark answered all the speculations by saying, “If I decided to live again as a trans, it doesn’t mean I will give up my faith, I still keep moving and continue my personal relationship with the Lord.” He added that he needs the Lord in every area of his life, not just in his identity.”

He also has a request for his “kapatid sa Panginoon.” “Don’t pressure or attack me by using the Word of God. I know I stumbled but I really need your respect, prayers, kindness of heart, compassion and love.”