Erwan’s anniversary gift to Anne is a young orphaned elephant

  • Anne received an extraordinary wedding anniversary gift from Erwan
  • Erwan fostered a young orphaned elephant in Anne’s name
  • The couple visited the little elephant during their belated honeymoon trip to South Africa

Anne Curtis was thrilled with the gift she received from her husband Erwan Heussaff for their first wedding anniversary — a young orphaned elephant.

The actress took to Instagram to share to her millions of followers a photo of the young elephant which Erwan fostered in her name. The little elephant’s name is Enkesha who, according to Anne, was born a day after her birthday.

Image from Anne Curtis’ Instagram account

“Part of my anniversary gift from @erwan. He fostered a little orphaned elephant in my name. We visited her yesterday. Her name is Enkesha. Born a day after my birthday ? She had to be taken in because of a horrible wire snare that was wrapped around her little trunk. It now has a little hole in it because when she was much smaller she somehow was able to take the stitches out. Kulit. She’s sooo cute when she sleeps though. She puts her little trunk up on that blanket behind her and just lets it rest there. If ever you visit Kenya, a visit to @dswt is a must. There are so many little elephant calf’s that have been rescued and you get to learn about all their stories – where they were found and why they had to be saved,” Anne wrote on her Instagram account.

The couple visited the young elephant at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) in Nairobi, Kenya during their belated honeymoon trip to Africa.

Image from Anne Curtis’ Instagram account

The actress said they also visited Nyumbani Children’s Home where more than 100 abandoned and orphaned children who are HIV positive are being nourished back to health.

Image from Anne Curtis’ Instagram account

Anne said they got to meet, play and interact with the children.