End of an urban legend? Alice Dixson ‘shops’ at Robinsons Galleria in a new ad

Actress Alice Dixson, who has been a “character” in decades-long Robinsons Mall urban legend, is seen “shopping” at the Robinsons Galleria in a new advertisement.

On Facebook, Robinsons Galleria uploaded a video of the ad, which is apparently about the urban legend that a “human snake” is waiting for victims at the mall’s fitting room.

“It’s good to revisit old stories. But it’s better to make new ones. Watch as Alice Dixson rediscovers the new Robinsons Galleria. Exciting things ahead! #AliceAtRobinsons,” read the caption of the post.

Image via Robinsons Galleria’s video

In the beginning of the video, Dixson is inside a fitting room when she heard a strange noise coming from outside. She seemed scared at first — but eventually discovered that it was only a child in animal’s costume.

It can be recalled that according to a popular version of the myth, the human snake looks for a woman of his type and eats it. Dixson, it said, managed to survive such encounter and was allegedly paid by the mall owners to remain in silence.

After such scene, the actress starts to enjoy shopping and pampering herself inside the mall.

The video ended with the words, “Time to make new stories.”

Image via Robinsons Galleria’s video

Click the image to watch the advertisement that was posted on the mall’s Facebook page.

Image capture of video by Robinsons Galleria via Facebook page

Will this put an end to the urban legend?

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