Duterte to Ati during land distribution: “May mga Ati dito na yayaman balang araw”

  • President Rodrigo Duterte led the distribution of land titles to 274 beneficiaries
  • Some 3.2 hectares of the land were turned over to 45 Ati tribe beneficiaries
  • Duterte said the tribe can sell their land after 10 years and get rich
Photo from Pixabay

President Rodrigo Duterte fulfilled his promise to distribute land titles to the Ati tribe of the popular Boracay, Thursday.

According to a GMA News story, the chief executive led the distribution of 623 land ownership certificates to 484 agrarian reform beneficiaries for the 274 hectares of the government-owned lots in Boracay and two towns in Aklan province.

Some 3.2 hectares of which were turned over to 45 beneficiaries from the Boracay Ati Tribal Organization.

Duterte said the beneficiaries could sell their lots to commercial developers after ten years, once the prohibition of selling the property has passed as per the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP).

The leader added the Atis can, for the mean time, till the land and they or their children can sell it later on, and it would be worth millions.

“May mga Ati dito na yayaman balang araw.” [There are Atis who will be rich someday.]

He advised them though not to release their hold of the lands so that they can transfer it to their grandchildren someday.

Photo from Pixabay

Earlier, Agrarian Reform Secretary John Castriciones said the distribution of land underwent some processes.

“We were able to verify their claim that they were the first settlers of the land and because of that we underwent some sort of a process and we were able to identify them as the recipients of this land.”

The Secretary mentioned there would be agricultural training to be conducted in order for the tribe to learn to improve on land cultivation.

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