Pilot Steve Dailisan: “Our future is not just about our dreams, it’s about fulfilling our mission”

  • Steve Dailisan says life is not about our dreams but about fulfilling our mission
  • His Facebook post went viral online
  • He said broadcast journalism is his first love but he realized wanting to become a pilot after finishing his master’s degree
Image capture from Steve Dailisan’s FB photo

GMA News reporter turned pilot Steve Dailisan shared an inspiring message to his Facebook followers; coming from a realization that an individual’s future is not just about his or her dreams.

“It may be true being a pilot was never my childhood dream. But our future is not just about our dreams. It’s about fulfilling our mission, our destiny and our life purpose as a whole,” he posted.

As of posting, Steve’s post reached more than a thousand reactions and 31 shares.

Image capture from Steve Dailisan’s FB photo

To note, the pilot earlier posted that becoming a pilot was never his childhood dream but a dream he realized after finishing his master’s degree.

“I asked myself, “What’s next?” Although, I think the stars have aligned long before I realized I’m up for a new challenge. In fact, I have always been a fan of air crash investigation documentaries. My heart thrills each time I board a plane. From then on, I knew my destination is already charted,” he said.

His first love, he said, is broadcast journalism and it is hard for him to leave what he’s been used to, but he said there will come a point in life to make a decision and choose the things that make you stronger.

Starting again, according to Steve, appears hard because of new information to learn, new friendships, and to go back humbly — and the expenses to pay.

“But I just closed my eyes and took the biggest leap of faith. I left everything behind and used my savings for this crazy love of flying.”

He, after succeeding on his first solo flight, felt emotional with an unexplainable feeling.

Steve was a longtime GMA News reporter famous for his outro “Steeeeeeeeeeve Dailisan”.

Image capture from Steve Dailisan’s FB photo