IT expert suggests ways to avoid gaming addiction

  • IT expert Jerry Liao suggested ways to avoid gaming addiction
  • He said gaming has benefits, but too much is bad
  • The World Health Organization classified gaming addiction as a mental health disorder 
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Following its classification as a mental health disorder by the World Health Organization (WHO), an IT expert suggested ways to avoid gaming addiction.

Jerry Liao said gaming addiction may even worsen in the future given how technology is developing.

Liao pointed out in his dzBB interview, as published by GMA News, that with the advent of virtual reality, players can already enter in the game.

He, however, said gaming has benefits too such as making studying more fun, but too much is bad; that is why he shared these three ways to avoid addiction in it.

First, he said having a technology break or certain hours in the day or rooms in the house where gadgets are not allowed — including parents.

Second, he suggested being serious about family time, such as going out away from the screen and spending time with the family like going to church, park or grocery — to show them how interesting the world is.

Third, parents must always check the game’s ratings before buying them. The Entertainment Software Rating Board evaluates games according to age; hence, the games children are playing should be age-appropriate.

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In July, the WHO classified gaming addiction, along with digital addiction, as a mental health disorder.

Reuters shared that the health organization described digital and video gaming addiction as “a pattern of persistent or recurrent gaming behavior” that becomes so extensive it “takes precedence over other life interests”.

A WHO expert on mental health and substance abuse Shekhar Saxena noted some worst cases seen in global research where some gamers play for up to 20 hours a day, sacrificing sleep, meals, work or school, and other regular activities.

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