6-year-old uses manual air pump for her sick father to take his medicine and ease his suffering

  • Six-year-old child pumps ‘bomba ng bisikleta’ to serve as her father’s nebulizer
  • Her father is suffering from emphysema
  • Kind-hearted individuals helped them
Image capture from Eumer Yanga’s FB photo

A heartbreaking video of a six-year-old child using a ‘bomba ng bisikleta’ or manual air pump to help her father take his medicine, thus, lessening the burden caused by his emphysema, made rounds on social media.

The Facebook video posted by Eumer Yanga, a journalist working at the GMA Network, gathered more than 4,600 views as of posting with numerous shares and re-posts.

The father in the video is suffering from a lung condition called emphysema which causes the shortness of his breath.

Emphysema, according to WebMD, happens when the linings of the tiny air sacks of the lungs become damaged beyond repair and it gets worst over time.

“Bilang ako mismo’y may hika, ramdam ko ang kalbaryo sa pang-araw-araw ni Tatay. Ang kagustuhang makahinga nang maayos ay nakasalalay sa bawat pagbomba ng kaniyang mga anak na sa murang edad ay mulat na sa kalagayan ng kanilang pamilya,” Yanga captioned his post.

[As an individual who has asthma, I feel the daily hardships of the father. His eagerness to breath properly depends on the bicycle air pump used by his daughter who’s very much aware of the family’s current condition.]

Image capture from Eumer Yanga’s FB photo

The story of the father and daughter was featured in this week’s episode of Front Row, having titled “Nebulizer”.

It appears that the story reached kind-hearted individuals, as Yanga shared on his post the following day that a company gave two portable nebulizers and a compressor nebulizer for the father.