Trillanes claims his house is under surveillance; releases video

  • Trillanes released the video of a vehicle allegedly roaming around his residence
  • The senator earlier claimed his vehicle is being tailed by  motorcycle
  • But Palace dismissed his claim, saying Trillanes is just being paranoid

    Image capture from video by Office of Sen. Trillanes

MANILA, Philippines – Last week, embattled Senator Antonio Trillanes claimed his vehicle was being tailed by unidentified men in motorcycles; prompting him to decide to continue his stay at the Senate where he had been seeking refuge since President Rodrigo Duterte revoked his amnesty.

On Tuesday, to further strengthen his suspicion that he and his family are under surveillance, Trillanes releases footage of the CCTV allegedly showing a vehicle stalking his house.

Image capture from video by Office of Sen. Trillanes

In the clip released by the office of the senator, it showed a silver vehicle, which looks like a Toyota Innova, supposedly circling around his residence a week ago.

The video was time stamped September 11, 2018 shortly before 9:30 pm.

The lawmaker, however, remains unfazed by the alleged surveillance. He added that checking of the vehicle’s plate number proved that it was not registered.

Image capture from video by Office of Sen. Trillanes

“We can’t give them even a small victory na parang nahaharass ako [that I’m being harassed]… Kung sila’y nastress, e ‘di nananalo ko [If they’re stressed by this, then I appear to win]  I’m gaining ground,” said the senator.

From drama to paranoia

But Malacañang Palace in a statement dismissed Trillanes’ claim of his residence being cased by suspicious vehicle.

“First, it’s drama, now it appears to be paranoia,” said Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque; adding that even if it’s true, the government has nothing to do with it.

Image capture from video by Office of Sen. Trillanes

“I think it’s very clear, the President has left the matter to the RTC (Regional Trial Court) of Makati and so has the Supreme Court,” Roque added.

Earlier, Trillanes claimed he received information that he will be arrested as soon as he leaves the Senate building; all the more reason why he decided to abandon his plan to go home even when the Makati courts did not issue an arrest warrant against him.