RAWR Awards will be Rawr-ing Again Come November

After the successful LionHearTV’s annual RAWR Awards last year, it’s no wonder that the biggest gathering of bloggers and entertainment celebrities is all set to take place – again – in November 2018.

LionHearTV has disclosed the opening of nominations for its slated awards night which will be announced in the near future as well as its venue.

This year’s categories, according to LionHearTV, are as follows:

The CUB Awards consist of Bibo Award, Favorite Kontrabida, Favorite Bida, Beshie ng Taon, The Great Comeback, Movie ng Taon, Bet na Bet na Teleserye, Hugot Song of The Year, Pak na Pak na Comedian, and Favorite Newbie.

While the LION Awards include Love Team of the Year, Actor of the Year, Actress of the Year, Favorite Performer, Favorite TV Host, Favorite Radio DJ, News Personality of the Year, Digital Influencer of the Year, Breakthrough Artist of the Year, Favorite Group, and The Advocate of the Year.

Lastly, the PRIDE Awards are the Fan Club of the Year, TV Station of the Year, and Radio Station of the Year.

Nominations have started on Wednesday, September 19.

You may start sending your nominees via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts of LionHearTV. Nominations will commence until Sunday, September 23.

Click the image to open LionHearTV’s Facebook post for nominations

Amazingly, do you know that LionhearTV’s RAWR Awards started with only 20 blogger-partners on its first year in 2015, and apparently it has grown to 50 blogger-partners in 2016 and accommodated 150 blogger-partners in 2017!

The awarding event was created to serve as the voice of Philippine blogging community.

This year, the annual entertainment online award-giving body is expecting to expand 250 or more blogger-partners, so we can all expect a bigger blogging community.

Looking forward to November!