LRT-1 Amazes Netizens with Its Relaxing Library Ambiance

Who wouldn’t be surprised to enter a train with an ambiance like this?

Images via Nimfa A. Bolor’s Facebook post

Delighted Light Rail Transit commuters this month of September posted their reactions on social media with regards to the new theme of the popular transit mode.

“Galing realistic dating sarap siguro sumakay pag ganyan. Mapaparead ka ng buks kahit di ka mahilig.” [Superb, looks so realistic. You’ll surely enjoy the ride. Will get you into the mood of reading.]

“Astig! Lrt library ohh yehh !!!”

“Lrt library #cool!”

Image via Nimfa A. Bolor’s Facebook post

Indeed worth some selfies! Some commuters just couldn’t step out without a delightful souvenir photo. The colorful set up of books and aptly matched with inspiring quotes are sure to catch one’s attention and interest.

Photo credit to Joms Villanueva and RB Khaye Sy via Facebook posts

What’s new?

As described by GMA, stepping into the train cars of the LRT 1, passengers are greeted not by huge ad billboards on the walls, but rather a wraparound photo of a library. It welcomes commuters to the Gabay Guro train of the LRT-1 train system and only positive vibes are sure to be felt.

You see, in celebration of the national teachers’ month, the PLDT-Smart launched early this month the Gabay Guro train which has library-themed interiors on the LRT-1 Generation 3 trains. Really cool, right?

Gabay Guro on Facebook shared an album which also explains why such a theme was embraced:

“Today we unveil this year’s Gabay Guro Train, teachers and other passengers are surely in for an experiential ride that will make a day’s commute memorable. In partnership with the Light Rail Manila Corporation (LRMC), the Gabay Guro Train, which uses the LRT-1 Generation 3 Train, will run for a year starting today, September 5.

Aside from its library-designed interior, the Gabay Guro Train features various school-related images and literature. There are handrail poles designed as coloring materials, printed graduation caps on train windows, and inspirational quotations about education that can be found on different parts of the train.

Our Chairperson and PLDT SVP, Ms. Chaye Cabal-Revilla, shared: “As we celebrate teacher’s month, we give all our best efforts to bring simple joys to our teachers. The Gabay Guro Train is one of the ways we pay homage to these everyday heroes.”

#PLDTGabayGuro #GabayGuroSaLRT1

Image via Gabay Guro’s Facebook album post

Haven’t rode the LRT-1 yet?

Don’t worry. The Gabay Guro trains will be running for a year and that would be until August of next year.