Filipino heroes as characters of first Pinoy 2D game called “Bayani”

The first ever two-dimensional computer duel game made by Filipinos called Bayani was already introduced following the release of its demo gameplay and early access version on June 12, 2019 to commemorate and celebrate the country’s Independence Day.

It features different Filipino heroes as the game characters which were based in the Philippine history and the location used in the game scenes were also inspired by historical landmarks in the country.

Image via Bayani – Fighting Game Instagram account

The term “bayani” means a person who has the courage to protect what is right and who is willing to sacrifice and suffer for the good of many people. This is the main context of the game where they aim to relive the Filipino culture and history in a modernized and interactive way.

One of the characters is Joe who’s inspired by our national hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal. His special skill is fencing and his special powers are books just like Rizal.

Other characters that are already available in the game demo include Lolang Tsora who’s based from Melchora Aquino, Dre based from Andres Bonifacio, Rio as the game counterpart of Apolinario Mabini, Tonio inspired by Antonio Luna, Leon based from Emilio Aguinaldo, Oria as the game counterpart of Gregoria de Jesus, and Fernando inspired from Ferdinand Magellan.

Image via Bayani – Fighting Game Instagram account

The game Bayani was chosen to be presented at the Indie-cade International Festival of Independent Games which will be held in Sta. Monica, California this coming October 2019.

“Isa sa goal ng Bayani ‘yun nga is to increase awareness. Para makatulong sa kabataan na ma-familiarized sila sa history natin,” according to Ben Joseph Banta, the CEO of Ranida Games which created Bayani.

Although it is mentioned in their website that the game is set in an alternate timeline, still there are many references and parallels to the historical figures and events that were used.

Isn’t it a fun way to play while also learning some parts of Philippine history?

Download the demo version of the game through this link:

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