“Wala silang respeto”: Ai Ai delas Alas resigns as Ex-Battalion’s manager

Citing unprofessionalism, Ai Ai delas Alas resigned as manager of rap group Ex-Battalion.

What seems like to be a long time coming, Ai Ai has finally decided to break free from Ex-Battalion. Her reasons were mainly due to the group’s lack of professionalism.

Image by Ex-Battallion via Facebook page

The comedienne had been Ex-Battalion’s manager since June 2018.

Ai Ai saw the group’s potential and helped widen their reach. Aside from local shows and even abroad, the Ex-Battalion even had a movie with Ai-Ai, “The Sons of Nanay Sabel.”

But despite it all, stories of alleged misbehavior from the boys have surfaced. Prior to Ai Ai’s letting go, she had earlier commented that the Ex-Battalion members were like her “mga anak na pasaway.” But she endured and said they just needed guidance.

Until recently, reports of Ai Ai falling out with the group made rounds online. She also confirmed she has indeed resigned as the group’s manager on her Instagram.

Image by Ex-Battallion via Facebook page

There were, as per reports, already a string of incidents that led to Ai Ai’s decision.

Pep quoted that the Ex-Battalion members didn’t fulfill their commitments; accepting shows behind Ai Ai’s back and more.

Ai Ai told GMA, “Wala naman akong pakielam sa private nilang buhay. Ang akin is ‘yung professionalism, and ‘yung how they treat people, how they treat me.”

“Minsan walang respeto. Hindi nila ako sinusunod,” she added.

Ai Ai went on to share that she had long planned to resign as manager but she waited for their movie “Sons of Nanay Sabel” to be released first.

“Actually matagal na dapat akong magre-resign. Nahihiya lang ako sa Viva kasi may film kami na lalabas,” Ai Ai said.

“Since lumabas naman na ‘yung film, okay na masabi ko na mag-quit ako,” she added.

A tearful Ai Ai said, “Lumapit sila sa akin para tulungan ko sila e. Tinulungan ko sila tapos hindi nila na-a-appreciate at saka wala silang respeto sa akin and they don’t trust me.”

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Pep, GMA