Manny Pangilinan promotes Huawei 5G but Twitter shows it was sent from an iPhone

Business tycoon Manny V. Pangilinan (MVP) got too excited to share on social media his experience with the new Huawei 5G phone he just received.

Pangilinan said he was “using” it right at that moment but netizens quickly noticed something wrong about the tweet.

“Got my 5G phone. Huawei. Using it now, on Smart 5G network in central parts of Makati. Wow. Super speed. Exciting,” Pangilinan said.

Screenshot from @iamMVP | Twitter

He shared how fast the connection was just like how it is expected to be.

Still, many people got confused as Twitter showed the post has been shared using an iPhone.

Technology vlogger Marques Brownlee is one of those who replied to Pangilinan’s tweet. He has used an emoji, a face with monocle, like he is inspecting the post and wanted others to look at it, too.

Screenshot from @iamMVP | Twitter

“Huaweit a second,” a Twitter user said after seeing Pangilinan’s post.

“Exciting to see how Huawei turns into iPhone 5G. Using it now, huh,” another Twitter user responded.

Others have defended Manny Pangilinan; saying he must be using two mobile phones.

“Maybe he had two phones and he used the iPhone to tweet,” reads one of the replies.

“If we use common sense, he’s not promoting Huawei but Smart’s 5G network so he can use another phone to tweet about it,” a netizen said.

Meanwhile, Manny Pangilinan proved that he was actually using his new Huawei 5G phone in another tweet last May 7.

On Twitter, he shared a video doing a speed test on Smart’s 5G network.

Screenshot from @iamMVP | Twitter

Manny Pangilinan is one of the most influential figures in the Philippine business industry.

He is the CEO of PLDT and Smart Communication Inc. He is also affiliated with other leading businesses in the country.

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