Hero bus driver stops student from getting hit by speeding car

A female bus driver from Norwich, New York, USA is now being hailed as a hero after she saved one of her students from getting hit by a car.

The driver of the other vehicle illegally passed the bus while a student was getting off.

The sh0cking footage was shared by Norwich City School District’s Facebook account and has quickly gone viral with social media users praising the driver Samantha Call, 27, for saving the 13-year-old boy Matthew Squires.

CLICK the image to watch the video via Norwich City School District’s Facebook account

It was 10:44 a.m. on April 26 and Norwich City School District students were headed home after a half day of school.

As she opened the door to let a 13-year-old boy off the bus, Call said she checked her right mirror — just in case. She didn’t expect to see any cars coming up that side of the bus. It was clear, after all, that the bus had stopped: The stop sign attached to the bus was out, she said.

“We’re trained to look in our mirrors. Our eyes need to scan every couple seconds,” Call said. “But I never expect to see anything.”

But as the boy was about to step out of the bus onto the shoulder of the road, Call said she looked in the mirror and saw a silver car rapidly approaching.

The car drove onto the shoulder of the road to pass the bus on the right. As the car sped by, Call grabbed the back of the boy’s shirt to keep him on the bus.

Image capture of video via CBS Local

NCSD Transportation Supervisor William Loomis said Call was “outstanding” in implementing her safety training to save the boy from great harm.

Loomis also showed the heart-stopping footage to Squires’ parents who, in turn, were very thankful to Call.

But Call said she was just doing what she was trained to do.

“I feel like I’m just doing my job,” she said. “My job is to get kids home safe.”

Call has been a bus driver for six years in the Norwich district. Ferrying students to and from school is like a family tradition. Call’s mother has worked as a bus driver for 30 years.