Family bonding doesn’t have to be expensive, according to a family and child specialist

Are you one of those parents who spend so much money to book resorts, hotels, or flights for your family bonding? Or are you one of those parents who do not have enough money for out-of-town or international trips?

Good news! According to family and child specialist Tina Zamora, family bonding does not have to be expensive.

Zamora discussed in her DZMM’s “Sakto” radio guesting that children remember what they did with their family more than where they went.

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According to her, a child’s memory is very relationship-based.

When a child looks at his old photos, he does not remember the place where they went. Instead, he remembers his meaningful conversation with his parents and/or what he did with his siblings.

So, parents should not be worried that they may need to spend their precious savings or be pressured to even borrow money just to give their children a memorable trip somewhere else.

Also, Zamora said that parents do not need to spend money so they can enrol their children in different fun summer classes or activities.

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Parents can spend quality time with their children even at the comfort of their own home. They can bond by doing simple everyday activities at home.

As long as children do something with a family member, they remember that special moment in their life.

They can cook or prepare a meal together, plan an itinerary for a short trip together, or save money from their allowance together. These are the kinds of memories that children remember.

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Also, with the advent of social media, children easily see where their friends went during the holidays or summer vacation.

Zamora said there is nothing wrong in telling children if parents do not have enough money for these kinds of trips.

Remember, it’s the simplest activities that make good and lasting memories. It is doing things together whether you are at home or somewhere new.