Attention, 90’s kids! New Tamagotchi can get married, have babies

Hey, 90’s kids! Your favorite tamagotchi is getting an upgrade — and you can have the new version of it in just a few months from now!

According to Amazon, the Tamagotchi On — which is the next generation of the popular 90s virtual pet — will be out for release come August 15 and one may pre-order this awesome toy as early as now for only $59.99.

Image via Amazon

“Tamagotchi On is the next generation of the interactive virtual pet! Take care of your ‘My Tama’: feed it, clean up after it, help it make friends, get a TamaPet, go shopping, travel, and more! The magic theme comes with an exclusive land and two exclusive characters,” Amazon stated.

The original Tamagotchi was released in Japan on November 23, 1996. The concept was developed by Akihiro Yokoi of Bandai, who came up with the idea after seeing a commercial about a boy attempting to bring his pet turtle on a trip.

Now, more than two decades since the toy was invented, Tamagotchi is more than just a virtual pet that can be brought anytime and anywhere. With this new upgrade, these virtual pets can now get married and have kids!

Image via Amazon

“Marry to build your family tree! When your Tamagotchi character gets married, your next generation character will be born and will have features from both of their parents! Are the eyes from mom or dad? What about the body shape? What will it look like?” Amazon wrote.

Throwback! The original Tamagotchi that we all loved: