Dunkin’ sets netizens in panic after April Fools’ gimmick

Dunkin’ Donut shook social media after announcing that their Choco Butternut doughnuts will be phased out.

It took people on Facebook a moment before they realized that it was just a prank; after all today is April Fools’ Day.

Image via Facebook

The famous doughnut chain pulled off a prank when it said that due to a global Butternut shortage, our Choco Butternut donuts will be phased out.

Choco Butternut is one of the most, if not the most, best seller doughbut of the food chain, especially in the Philippines, that a sudden announcement would trigger many Filipinos.

Good thing it was just a joke.

“Of course this is a joke – it’s April Fools’ Day after all.  Get some Choco Butternut donuts today and enjoy them to your heart’s content!  Don’t take anything for granted and #MakeEveryDayBetter!” the food chain said on its Facebook account.

Some 34,000 people have reacted to the post, which has gained over 10,000 comments already.

Image via Facebook

Most of them were statements of either anger or relief. …plus humor, of course!

Some called out the American food company for playing with their feelings (of course, they were also kidding).

Most of them said it was not a good joke with some wordplay on their comments: Donut do it again, Dunkin’.

One Facebook user, Ahnne Corsino, said,  “Im like. Inhale exhale. Freaking out mode.Then I saw the caption. Happy April fools’ day.

Lois Rutor Jamili, also expressed her relief after confirming that it was just a joke. “I almost had a heart attack. Never ever say that again even on April Fools’.”

However bad the joke was, it was still a good joke for Dunkin’ as it forced people to go to the nearest Dunki’n store and buy the said flavor before posting it to their social media accounts tagging the doughnut company.

Kudos for that low-key marketing strategy, Dunkin’!