Corporation to transform one of its towers’ roof deck into solar plant

More and more corporations are becoming aware of their impact to the environment; prompting them to switch into a sustainable system.

Image via Araneta Center

One of the latest organizations to take the big leap is the Araneta Center, Inc. as it announced last April 29 that it will transform one of its towers’ roof deck into a solar power plant.

Araneta Center will be installing a 151kW peak Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Power System on the roof deck of Cyberpark 1; a tower located in the fast redeveloping business district in Araneta Center, Cubao in Quezon City.

The corporation signed a deal with its long-time partner Meralco to begin the switch into renewable energy system.

“The adoption of electricity generation through solar panels in Araneta Center’s Cyberpark is a major step in our effort to integrate environmental sustainability in our office developments,” John Castelo, SVP-Business Development for Araneta Center Inc said.

Image via Araneta Center

He added that it is the first of such investments that align the group’s corporate values to a wider approach on social responsibility.

According to the firm, the PV power system will allow the building to absorb the power it generates, partially displace the kW it sources from the grid, and utilize clean energy generated from this renewable source.

“Plugging into a solar powered solution to reduce the development’s ecological footprint is just one of the ways the Araneta Group is implementing green solutions,” officials said.

The Araneta Center Cyberpark, which has currently two towers, is a multi-billion office development which continues to rise as a leading business district.