Walking in one of Makati’s underpass takes you to an NBA-filled experience

Taking a walk in a busy city can be dull but the Makati City government turned one of its underpass into a basketball-inspired tunnel to make walking a little bit more fun for the public.

Image by Mark Ian Dumas via Facebook

Sedeno underpass in Makati City has transformed into an NBA teams walkthrough as the logos of each team in the big league were painted on the underpass’ ceiling.

Posters featuring each NBA team’s star player were also displayed on the tunnel’s walls.

To complete the baskteball vibe, the underpass’ floor was painted to look like one of those wooden basketball courts.

Image by Mark Ian Dumas via Facebook

Make it Makati, the city’s campaign towards a vibrant place for its people, recently shared Sedeno underpass’ look on its Facebook page which generated different reactions from netizens.

“Walk it to believe it, Makatizens! So many interesting sights in the city. Make It Makati, always,” it said on its Facebook page.

One of the Facebook users, Jeson Padilla Malulan, who reacted on the post, could not help but feel excited about the newly-designed underpass; saying, “Talaganag mapapa-cross over ka kapag dumaan ka dito.”

One even kidded about deploying a guard clad in a referee’s uniform at the underpass to complete the whole NBA feel.

The photo, which was posted on March 17, has already gained over 10,000 likes and shared over 5,500 times.

The brain behind the catchy underpass theme was RS Concepts, Inc. who also executed the project.

A video showing the transformation of the underpass was also posted by RS Concepts on its Facebook account in February.