Student shares joy on having a loving, supportive mom especially when he needed it the most

  • An architecture student had four sleepless nights to finish his “plates”
  • Mayk Revollido’s mom immediately came to comfort him
  • She gave him a surprise treat despite the distance
Image by Mayk Revollido via Facebook

Indian philosopher Luffina Lourduraj – referring to a mother – once said, “She sacrifices her dream to make my dream come true,” and ““She will even give up on herself and her dreams, but not on you and your dreams.”

Mothers are known as givers of extraordinary love to their children and giver of inspiration to grow up as a productive member of society.

Architecture student Mayk Revollido on Tuesday posted a part of his experience with his mom which he titled, “A Mother’s Love.”

Mayk narrated that the due date for his “plates” in one of his subjects was at 9 AM Tuesday so he crammed and stayed all night to complete the “plates”; this after being sleepless for about four days.

The architecture shared that out of fatigue he took a nap around 7AM, and panicked when he awakened at 8:57 — because he still needed to complete the cover title.

Feeling so devastated, he decided to take pictures of his plates and sent those to his parents; apologizing over his unfinished plates.

He was able to pass his project at about 9:40 in the morning; feeling shy after a professor noticed his tired sleepless eyes.

Image by Mayk Revollido via Facebook

He had a very touching exchange of messages with his mother who lives quite far from where he was staying; the screenshots of which Mayk also posted.

In his post he hailed his mother: “Napaka sarap magkaroon ng ganitong magulang, napaka swerte ko na may ganito akong mama, kaya kayo guys cherish your parents wag kayong mahihiyang mag pakita ng pag mamahal sa kanila kahit simpleng i love you thru text , chat or personal gawin niyo hangga’t andito pa sila.”

[Having parents like this gives a wonderful feeling. I am very lucky to have a mom like her. That is why, you, guys, cherish your parents and never hesitate in showing them your love even if it’s just a simple text, chat or personal, while they are still with you.]

Image by Mayk Revollido via Facebook | Click the above image to read Mayk’s complete post.

His post warmed a lot of online users.

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