Pinoy kids glue soles of old pairs of rubber shoes to play basketball

  • Many Filipinos are basketball enthusiasts
  • Players of basketball need quality rubber shoes to move their feet swiftly and smoothly in the fast-paced sport
  • Some Filipinos aspiring to become great basketball players have no money to buy rubber shoes
Image by Manuel Jr Gonzales via Facebook

Many Filipinos show an incredible enthusiasm for basketball. In fact, international and local games like NBA, FIBA, and PBA are being broadcast via Philippine free television companies like ABS-CBN, GMA and TV5. Animated basketball shows are also thriving in the country like SlamDunk, Kuroro’s Basketball and Barangay 143.

The website Culture Trip mentioned that many foreigners admire Filipinos’ love for the sport regardless of their age.

Among the possible reasons why it is immensely enjoyed in the country is that it requires little space, no maintenance, no expensive gear, and no required number of players.

In addition, it appeals well in the Philippines because of its strategic and dynamic nature. In fact, the country’s winnings in international basketball tilts became a source of the nation’s pride.

Image by Manuel Jr Gonzales via Facebook

In order to play basketball competitively, players need a pair of rubber shoes which will allow them to move their feet swiftly and smoothly in the fast-paced sport.

Sadly, some Filipino enthusiasts cannot afford to buy their own pair of rubber shoes — which dampen their confidence.

However, the truly passionate ones come up with ways to pursue the sports; just like the kids in the photographs shared by Manuel Jr Gonzales on Facebook which were taken during a Free Basketball Clinic.

In the photos, children who could not afford to buy their own pairs opted to borrow old rubber shoes and and painstakingly glued the soles just so they could participate.

Manuel said, “If only I’m rich, I would buy them shoes.”

He urged netizens to share his post which he hopes would help in providing rubber shoes for the aspiring basketball champions of the Philippines.

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