Pinoy helps Japanese woman left by ‘acquaintance’ to go back home

Image by Warren Zepada via Facebook

Kindness is generally innate in many Filipinos; such that many of us are willing to extend a hand to help people in distress even if they are strangers.

Warren Brozas Sepada shared via a Facebook post the story of how he helped a Japanese woman, who was left by an ‘acquaintance’, to go back home to Japan.

Warren disclosed that he helped a woman named Miyuki Aratani after seeing her walking along Taft Avenue. He approached her and he saw she has a passport and other documents; telling him that an acquaintance left her.

Miyuki couldn’t converse much in English but he tried to understand her. He gave her food because she has nothing in her pocket, and in exchange, the Japanese helped in cleaning his carinderia.

Image by Warren Zepada via Facebook

Warren felt pity for her so he fed her twice to which she paid with cleaning and “thank yous.” Thereafter, he posted the story on social media which eventually went viral.

By March 2, the Japanese was already at the PCP2 Paranaque Police which means she’s relatively safe.

The next day, he received information that she has booked a flight on Wednesday going to Japan.

“Una sa lahat gusto ko po magpasalamat don sa mga taong tumulong at nag share ng post ko last March 1, 2019. Kung hindi dahil sa inyo hindi po agad makikita at macocoordinate sa magulang niya ang nangyari, she’s now waiting sa flight niya going back to JAPAN this March 6.”

[I want to thank the people who helped and shared my post on March 1. If you hadn’t helped, there would be no coordination with her parents in Japan. She’s now waiting for her flight back to Japan on March 6.]

He, however, mentioned in his post not to re-post the photographs of Miyuku anymore as she’s already fine. He asked them to update their post that she’s already in a good condition.

Image by Warren Zepada via Facebook