Picture of “smoke belching bus” confuses netizens: How did that pass registration?

Several netizens expressed their displeasure after photographs of a
“smoke belching” bus were posted online.

Facebook user Joverlito Auza Estorgio, who posted the photos, said, “Paano kaya to na irehistro sa ltfrb at sa lto. Sa palagay nyo. May lagay or di mapalagay.” [How was it able to get registered at LTFRB and LTO? What do you think? Someone’s been bribed? Something’s fishy?]

Image by Joverlito Auza Estorgio via FB

The post has already received hundreds of reactions and shared more than 8,700 times.

One netizen commented, “Isa po ako sa ride ng bus na ito from Marinduque to Kamias. Pinilit pa po ng driver na patakbuhin iyan kahit may sira na. At kahit pinagsabihan ko pa po na dalhin na lang sa Garahe sa Lucena kaso pinilit pa po dalhin ng Kamias.” [I am one of the passengers of that bus, from Marinduque to Kamias. The driver insisted on making that trip despite problems with the bus. I even told him to bring it to a garage in Lucena but he continued the trip to Kamias.]

Another FB user said, “Baka naman maraming Lamok seguro sa Edsa mainroad kaya nag pausok. Driver may problema nyan. Kc alam nagun nangyari at pinilit pa. Dapat ganun na driver huwag na bigyan ng License? Dinamay pa ang Company Operator. Suspended na kasing bus na yan.” [Perhaps there are many mosquitos in EDSA main road that is why it released smoke. It’s the driver’s problem. Drivers like him should not be given a license. He dragged the company operator in this . That bus has been suspended.]

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), to note, released a campaign in November 2014 called the “Anti-Smoke Belching Night Operations” so they could apprehend smoke belchers along major thoroughfares in Metro Manila.

Image by Joverlito Auza Estorgio via FB | Click above image to read full FB post.

Moreover, you can report it through an online platform launched by the Department of Transportation (DOTr) and the Inter-Agency Council for Traffic (I-ACT) last year.

Through the ‘Sumbong Bulok, Sumbong Usok’ (SBSU) Hotline that may be accessed through the Facebook Messenger of I-ACT, the public may now report dilapidated PUVs, smoke-belching vehicles, colorum PUVs, illegally-parked vehicles, and illegal vendors among others, by posting a photo or video of the offender and identifying the location where the violation was committed through GPS, as shared by Carmudi.