Netizen seeks help for ‘hungry, thirsty dog’ carrying basket for money donations

Image by Maricar Malinao Encinas via Facebook

Dogs, according to Modern Dog Magazine, possess all of the same brain structures that produce emotions in humans; undergoes similar changes that humans do during emotional states. They experience all of the basic emotions: joy, fear, anger, disgust, and love but not the complex emotions like guilt, pride, and shame.

The furry animals, therefore, can be placed in any area and wear silly costumes without any feeling of shame.

Maricar Malinao Encinas, a netizen, shared that as she and her workmate were on their way home, they happened to see a dog named Jack and his owner.

The canine was carriying an orange basket which had some money in it. In short, the dog was, apparently, being made to ‘ask for alms’.

There’s something, somehow, that pinched the netizen’s heart as she said dogs are like children who need to play, have fun, and eat properly — unlike Jack who appears to be hungry and thirsty and was made to return to his “spot.”

“Ginugutom ba siya para lang sumunod?” [Is he not being fed so he would follow?] she asked herself, as the owner does not seem to offer water for the thirsty animal who helps in earning cash.

Maricar asked for help to give Jack food and water, and promised to go back to him and give him food but he was no longer there.

Netizens shared their reactions:

“Hinanap ko po kung asan na po tatay niya ngayon. Sabi ng bata mahina na daw po kasi matanda na. Kung tama po pagkakarinig ko 70+ na po ata. Buti daw po si Jack tumutulong sa kanila.”

[I asked the owner’s whereabouts but a child told me that he’s already 70 years old, and they are thankful for the support Jack is giving.]

“Nakita ko po siya ngayon nadaanan ko po siya. Binigyan ko po ng pagkain and binigyan naman po siya ng tubig ng amo niya. Nakakwentuhan ko po yung amo niyang bata. Sabi niya nag-aaral po siya ngayon. Tinanong ko po kung may kailangan ba siya sa pag aaral. Sabi niya po need niya daw po ng salamin sa mata.” [I just saw him and I gave him food and the owner gave him water. I happened to talk to the child, he said he’s studying and needs money for eyeglasses.]

Image by Maricar Malinao Encinas via Facebook

Can’t help but admire the loyal dog who turned out to be helping his masters.

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