Korean star IU was once a senior police officer

Did you know that Korean singer-songwriter and actress IU was a licensed police officer?

It’s not common knowledge but yes, the 25-year-old Lee Ji-eun, professionally known as IU – a South Korean singer-songwriter and actress who auditioned for various talent agencies while still in middle school in pursuit of her dream to become a singer – was in the police force.

Image via Spinel

Not everyone knows that while IU was working on her first ever starring role in a Korean Drama in 2013, she was also made an honorary member of the South Korean Police force.

In a recent report of Koreaboo, it was revealed that IU became an honorary member of the police force in February 2013 and was promoted to senior officer in 2014 for being an 4nti-bullying ambassador.

She reportedly participated in various initiatives to help stop bullying in schools. She also helped in the dissemination of information about the 117 hotline for crim3 victims in her country.

An honorary corporate promotion ceremony was held when she was promoted as a senior officer for two years. Her term as a senior officer ended in November 2016.

Life Safety Commissioner Seo Bum Soo, who led the promotion ceremony in 2014, even joked that “if she gets promoted at least once a year, she will be the chief executive by the time she’s 30!”

Image via Spinel

Since then the Korean star vowed to take her role as a police officer seriously and to work harder. She also thanked the police force for her prompt promotion.

IU first got her lead role as Lee Soon-Shin in a korean drama entitled “You’re the best, Lee Soon-Shin” in 2013. Among her popular TV shows were “The Producers” in 2015 and “Scarlet Heart Ryeo” in 2016.