K-Pop fan brings standee of EXO’s D.O. as prom date, wins Prom King and Queen

A K-Pop fan decided to bring a standee of her favorite K-pop idol as her prom date.

Image by Beatriz Pineda via Facebook page

For EXO fan Beatriz Pineda, there would only be one perfect guy as her ideal prom date, and that would be EXO member Do Kyung-soo. But since making that a reality would be like reaching for the stars, she decided a photo of him would be enough. So on her prom day, Beatriz brought along a standee of EXO D.O. as her ‘actual’ prom date.

Beatriz’s sister, Sofia Pineda, first shared the photos on Twitter. She shared how proud she is of her sister bringing along a standee of her “bias” to prom. She even added, “Someone please get on her level.”

Image by Beatriz Pineda via Facebook page

Beatriz, of course, didn’t want to keep the fun all to herself so she shared more photos of their “date” on Facebook. To add icing to the cake, Beatriz and “D.O” even won the coveted title “King and Queen of the Night.”

They even fondly awarded “D.O.” as the “Life of the Party.” Beatriz also jokingly told her other schoolmates to “back off girls, he’s mine.”

Image by Beatriz Pineda via Facebook page

Their prom sure turned out to be a lot of fun. K-Pop fans couldn’t help but be entertained with how adorable and “extra” Beatriz was. An EXO fan @emirayne tweeted, “She has set the standard so high, I’m shaking. Salute to you, sis!”

The proud fangirl was overwhelmed with all the attention. Beatriz shared with Montage Online, “I’ve never really received this much attention… I’m just happy that… somehow I was able to show how a fangirl lives… We just really love these people because they really inspire us, and I hope I was able to bring … a positive message with what I did.”