JV Ejercito bonds with dad Erap after admitting ‘cold’ relationship

Reelectionist Sen. JV Ejercito shared a bonding moment with his father, Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada.

A week earlier Ejercito revealed that his relationship with his father, Estrada, is ‘cold’.

Image by JV Ejercito via Instagram account

On Instagram, Ejercito posted a photo of him and Erap drinking wine. “It’s been awhile… father and son bonding,” he captioned the photo.

Ejercito revealed to ABS-CBN that the reunion was arranged by a family friend. He added that he tried to engage only in a “light conversation” with his father and that there was “no serious talk” at all.

“Ayoko mag-open ng political talk,” he said; to avoid another round of ‘clash’ between father and son.

Ejercito had earlier expressed he is hopeful his relationship with his father will warm up soon. He said, “Malamig pero iinit din ‘yan.”

Image by JV Ejercito via Instagram account

Ejercito has not been on speaking terms with Erap after he decided to leave his father’s party Puwersa ng Masang Pilipino for the Nationalist People’s Coalition.

This also stemmed from his father’s support to his half-brother, former senator Jinggoy Estrada, and decision to run alongside him for a Senate seat.

The Manila Mayor accompanied Jinggoy during the filing of the latter’s certificate of candidacy (CoC).

He also commented on Ejercito’s decision to withdraw from his party. He said, “Parang ayaw niya. He resigned from my party. Maybe he doesn’t want to be recognized as my son.”