Coco Martin gets featured in Hong Kong newspaper SCMP

Coco Martin was featured in Hong Kong’s English-language newspaper South China Morning Post.

Image by Coco Martin via Instagram account

On the Opinion section written by Karim Raslan, Martin was described in the title as, “one of the Philippines’ biggest stars – because he’s an everyman.”

Raslan described being an “everyman” as “When you meet him, he’s immediately familiar. He could be the mechanic from down the road, the kindly hospital orderly or the overseas foreign worker. Nondescript. Ordinary, but trustworthy.”

The interview went on to discuss about Martin’s personal life. Rodel Nacianceno is his real name and he was a “poor boy from the working-class neighbourhood of Novaliches in Quezon City.”

Martin shared that his parents separated when he was little and that he was a “street kid” and would always get in trouble.

Raslan also touched Philippine politics as he compared it with Martin’s “Ang Probinsyano.” He said that while the show is such a huge hit in the Philippines, it tends to shift gear parallel to actual scenarios in the country.

Raslan wrote, “However, in 2016, as Duterte assumed the Presidency and imposed his macho approach to governing on the country, the show also shifted gear, responding to contemporary realities.”

Image by Coco Martin via Facebook page

The controversial calling of Martin to the Camp Crame due to the show’s depiction of the police force was also mentioned. Martin explained what he told the cops about Ricardo Dalisay, “This guy goes through everything a normal policeman goes through. The police can be good cop or bad cop. I’ve shown both in the series’.”

When Raslan asked if Martin has plans of following in the steps of his idol former presidential candidate Fernando Poe Junior (FPJ) and run for public office, Martin has a strong but coy answer, “The Filipinos are survivors. All that we face, we are able to survive. We fall but we will rise up again. That’s how it is in reality.”