Brgy. Chairman picks litters daily, early in the morning

  • A Barangay Captain wakes up early to pick litters
  • He responds to a call immediately
  • The chairman prioritizes others before himself
Image by Mamayads Bayot Papajay via Facebook post

Leadership is a virtue. And perhaps it would be safe to say that to be a good leader you need to set a good example.

A barangay chairman in Negros Occidental is being lauded online after a resident shared on social media that Brgy. Chairman Welfredo “Molong” Villacastin of Brgy. Bulanon in Sagay City is one of the best examples of a good leader.

As posted by Mamayads Bayot Papajay on Facebook, Capt. Welfredo wakes up early in the morning, earlier than most residents, to go around the barangay. He brings with him a sack as he collects litter in the neighborhood.

At first sight, others may think of him as a scavenger (mangangalakal) or a vagabond who looks for anything that may still prove useful. But no; he is not one of those.

Amazingly, as per Papajay’s post, he is a barangay captain who takes action immediately after each phone call from the residents, and he does it even if it’s not the election period.

Image by Mamayads Bayot Papajay via Facebook post

“Siya lang naman ang ordinaryong tao na dahilan kung bakit nagkailaw ang mga liblib na lugar ng Bulanon. At higit sa lahat siya lang naman yung brgy. captain na mas inuuna ang iba kaysa sa sarili niya. Siya ang Brgy.Captain namin. Siya ang brgy.Captain ko,” the post concludes.

[He’s the ordinary person who’s responsible for remote areas of Bulanon to become lighted. And most importantly, he’s the chairman who prioritizes others before himself. He is our barangay captain. He is my barangay captain.]

Image by Mamayads Bayot Papajay via Facebook post

In short, he is such a great example of humility and public service. Salute, Capt, Welfredo.

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