“Best vocalists in the world!” British singer Rita Ora praises Filipino singers

British singer Rita Ora couldn’t help but be amazed with Filipino singers during her Manila concert.

Image by Wilbros Live via Facebook page

Rita Ora’s first ever concert in the Philippines was jam-packed and had exceeded the expectations of fans. But the British singer was amazed too with the love and support of her Pinoy fans who applauded and actively interacted with her during the concert.

Ora wore a fiery red one-piece suit that made her look like a “Phoenix”; inspired by her album with the same title. Overwhelmed by the fans’ support, she remarked, “I have the best time ever in the Philippines.”

The 28-year-old singer said she feels she has found a new family among the Filipinos and she would bring back home all the love she received. Ora said, “When I come back, you guys have to come back and see me, yah? We’re family now. Oh! I learned something today. I’m gonna say this and I really mean it. Mahal ko kayo!”

Image by Wilbros Live via Facebook page

During her stint as an X Factor UK judge, Ora already witnessed some amazing Pinoy vocals courtesy of the 4th Impact (then 4th Power). During her recent visit to the country, Ora also performed with Soul Supreme KZ Tandingan.

Ora couldn’t help but praise the talents of Filipino singers. She said, “I see so many talented people. And you know, I have to say: Some of the best vocalists in the world really come from the Philippines. I don’t know but you guys can sing.”

During her concert, Ora reunited with the 4th Impact girls as they opened her show. Ora is known for her hit songs “Let You Love Me,” “Girls”, “For You” and many others.