Kris: I refuse to lose the will to keep on living

After everything she has been through, despite battling a serious health condition, Queen of All Media Kris Aquino remains optimistic for her family and for her fans.

In the caption of a video posted on her Facebook page, Aquino shared that she has already accepted her condition as a reality; assuring the people who love her that such will not stop her from having the will to keep on living.

“The Year That Was… I tried to be as factual and authentic as possible. The last picture with the bad rash outbreak was actually from Friday. Those in the medical profession know from the pictures the extent of what I revealed because that truth no longer frightens me,” she said.

“It’s now an accepted reality for me, but I refuse to lose the will to keep on living. And nobody will ever again be allowed to steal my happiness and peace of mind,” she continued.

Image capture from Kris Aquino’s FB photo

Moreover, she expressed that she is looking forward to showing more moments of love and laughter to her supporters.

“You’ve never read in my posts the details of the physical ordeals I experienced this year, but you have seen me surviving,” she wrote.

“And in the year to come, I look forward to showing you many more moments of love and laughter,” she added.

Aquino is celebrating her 48th birthday this Valentine’s Day.

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