“Kasal muna” KC Concepcion wants marriage first before baby

KC Concepcion admitted that she wants marriage first before having kids.

The Megastar’s daughter revealed that when it comes to priorities, she would rather be wed first and settled down before having babies.

Image by KC Concepcion via Instagram account

On Instagram, KC posted a romantic photo of her with boyfriend, Pierre Emmanuel Plassart. She captioned it with, “It sure does feel like February… Happy Valentines month, beautiful people!”

The sweet shot had captured the attention of netizens and many commented how the couple look good together. Some went on to say that their future kids would surely look good too. A netizen wrote, “Ang ganda ng magiging anak nito.”

KC replied to the comment with, “In Jesus’ name. Amen. Haha. Wala pa naman. Kasal first before kids for me.”

Image by KC Concepcion via Instagram account

It sure looks like KC isn’t the only one looking forward to a wedding. Last year, KC’s Megastar mother Sharon Cuneta shared that she hopes Pierre would be “The One” for her daughter.

Sharon said, “I love Pierre. They were together about five years ago… before Paulo (Avelino), before Aly (Borromeo). I love him so much…”

When asked about wedding bells ringing for the couple, Sharon knows that they will be the first to know. She said, “I’m sure they’ll tell us when it’s time but I am praying to God that this is it. You know why? He gets her, she gets him.”

Sharon even went to joke that she couldn’t wait to have grandchildren. She laughingly said, “I hope they get married and give me beautiful grandchildren and I will kidnap them all.”

KC met Pierre seven years ago at a gala dinner in Los Angeles.