Frozen cat covered in ice survives after vets thaw her

They say that a cat has nine lives. Perhaps this statement is true for this feline who was found frozen in the snow.

Veterinarians in Montana have revived a cat named Fluffy who was found frozen and unresponsive; buried in the snow.

The owner took her to a vet’s office after finding her in a snowbank when the temperature outside was ten degrees.

Dr. Jevon Clark, who works at the Animal Clinic of Kalispell, told ABC News when they brought Fluffy to the clinic her temperature was so low it didn’t even register on a thermometer — with a bottom range of 90 degrees. According to Clark, cats’ temperatures normally are around 101 degrees.

Image via Animal Clinic of Kalispell Facebook page

Staff at the clinic warmed the cat using towels, cage warmers and intravenous fluids. Fluffy is normally a little crabby, so when she began growling after about an hour, Clark knew she would be fine, he said.

“These crabby cats are survivors,” Clark said.

After Clark, Dr. China Corum and their staff picked the ice off Fluffy’s coat and she started moving around. They sent her to an emergency clinic to help raise her body temperature.

The cat was discharged to her owners the same night, and when Clark checked her on Tuesday, she appeared to be back to normal, he said.

Image via Animal Clinic of Kalispell Facebook page

The clinic posted pictures of her recovery on its Facebook page.

“Fluffy is amazing!” the hospital shared on Facebook.

The clinic shared a photo of the unfrozen Fluffy; showing her beautiful long fur.

Fluffy’s story is a reminder to take care of your indoor and outdoor pets during these cold winter months.