“Exercise in futility”: MPD closes ‘honesty’ store

The Manila Police District’s (MPD) “honesty store” shut down its operations over the weekend.

Image by Manila Police District

After just six months of operations, MPD’s “honesty store” has been closed; mainly due to dishonest customers.

The honesty store was based on Batanes’ Honest Café where the store sells food and beverages but is simply left unattended. A box is placed where the customers can drop their payment.

MPD Finest Brotherhood Cooperative general manager Ester Tan told The STAR that the store didn’t result to anything positive. She said, “We have decided to close the store because it is not picking up. On the contrary, we are losing money and it is not a good idea to continue when nothing is happening positively.”

Tan admitted that they wanted to replenish the store but it was an “exercise in futility” because the store was not earning at all. She explained that they are losing an average of P500 to P1,000 a month or a total of more than P20,000, including the more than P15,000 they lost to a thief since they started operating last June.

Tan said that even if the store was simply just a meter away from the guards, there were people who “just get money from the box as if it is their personal ATM machine.”

There were those who don’t pay the right amount and others get more change than what is due.

“It is a tough proposition. Honesty store is not applicable in MPD or for that matter anywhere other than Batanes,” Tan said.

The MPD’s honesty store opened at the lobby of the MPD headquarters along UN Avenue on June 9.

MPD aide steals

Last year, the MPD caught on CCTV a female aide regularly stealing from the money box.

Image Capture of Video by ABS-CBN via Youtube channel

Identified to be “Liza”, the aide worked at the district personnel division. No charges were made but she was dismissed from work.

The “Honesty store” reportedly lost more than P15,000 due to theft.