‘True love is bigger than politics’: Wedding photo of a ‘Dilawan’ and a ‘Ka-DDS’ gets thumbs up

True love is bigger than politics.

These were the words of Mylene Obenita-Libunao, who married the love of her life, Benedict Libunao, despite their opposing political views.

On Facebook, Jason Magbanua posted a photo from Mylene and Benedict’s wedding.

“Dilawan man ako, at ka-DDS ka, mamahalin kita,” Jason quoted Mylene’s vow.

[I will still love you even if I am a Dilawan and you’re a ka-DDS.]

“Guys. The search is over. True love has been found,” the well-known wedding videographer wrote.

A lot of Facebook users admired the kind of relationship the couple has.

“That is true love despite the odds–a blessed union to the newlyweds!” DS said.

“If this isn’t true love, I don’t know what is,” VA commented.

“I think I’m already a fan….Just love love love!” wrote MG.

Others, however, does not like the idea of mentioning politics in a wedding vow.

Mylene, on the other hand, said, “Our Dilawan – kaDDS was just our asaran because we have different views most of the time. “Dilawan” nowadays is a term being used to refer to a person who criticizes the wrongdoings of the president and who does not tolerate sensitive issues like EJKs, mysogyny, WPS dispute etc. On the other hand, kaDDS naman are those who encourage to just trust the President since he is appointed in the position. Submit to the authority ganern. We are neither hardcore but we do have our stand on things and both of us are just after the good of this country. Though we do have opinions and we love exchanging intelligent discussions. We do had heated arguments in some topics but we always choose peace over being right just to prove our point. We are neither blind followers as well..”

“This is our story. Respect and the love for each other. Agape love, the highest form of love, the love that overcomes differences is what I have offered to Ben. I vowed to make our commitment for each other be bigger than our differences. I wouldn’t have it any other way,” she further expressed.

The sentence that Magbanua quoted is actually just a part of a long and touching vow.

It’s not really centered on politics alone — it’s clearly about a love that is bigger than the couple’s differences.

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